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Atharvan Ayurveda—Ayurvedic Treatment and Panchkarma Center is a place which promises you to give the best of ayurvedic treatments,consultation and medication.We are working together to enhance the quality of life of a healthy person as well as to make a unhealthy person free from disease. One can get best ayurvedic treatment for chronic diseases as well as rejuvenating therapies for healthier and happier life.Atharvan Ayurveda is the stepping stone in Udaipur to gives you the best panchkarma treatment ,ayurvedic massage and relaxation therapies in a holistic way to lead your life with comfort and relaxed in a very good atmosphere and affordable expence.
Atharvan is established by highly qualified and experienced Dr. Vishnu Kumar Mittal.
Dr.V.K.Mittal (BAMS ,MD, PhD,) is practicing Ayurveda since 1998 and has joined a respectable faith of thousands of patients treated during these years.
The new venture Atharvan Ayurveda is Inaugurated on 14th December 2017 by renowned Vaidya Balendu Prakashji He is a former physician to the President of India and the founder of Paadav, a specialty Ayurvedic hospital in Dehradun.[2] The Government of India awarded him the fourth highest civilian award of the Padma Shri in 1999.[3].Internatrionally known vaidyaji has been successfully treating Chronic Pancreatitis, Migraine,Acute Promyelocytic Lukemia,Childhood Asthama and Allergic Rhinitis at his “Padaav”Speciality Ayurvedic Treatment Center,Dehradoon and now also at Bilaspur [uttarakhand].We are proud to be associated with him for the treatment of Migraine.He assures a Complete Relief from Migraine by following his protocol of treatment.

Atharvan Ayurveda is supported by a team of highly qualified and experienced senior ayurved doctors. Atharvan provides best of consultation, and ayurvedic treatment according to the needs of a patient. Medication and Therapies are planned and prepared according to the requirement of the disease and nature of the patient. Among the very few Ayurvedic Panchkarma centers in Udaipur, Atharvan Ayurveda provides you with the best of treatments including Panchkarma therapies. Panchakarma therapy is a purificatory therapy which is a unique idea of permanent cure to the diseases. The therapy also helps in Strengthening the immunity system of the body, thus helping in the prevention of disease and preservation as well as the promotion of positive health As part of the Ayurvedic rejuvenation if you have decided to go with the best Ayurvedic treatment at Atharvan Ayurveda then you are doing just the right thing. And what you would gain is a better mind-body connect, complete purging of wastes and toxins and your body is better prepared to absorb nutrients and to feel complete.
Doctor Vishnu specifically expertizes in treating Renal & Ureteric calculi by the medicine formulated and prepared by himself.Dr Vishnu has done PhD on “A Clinical Study of Hypothetical Compound Calcu-10 with Ark Makoya on Ashmari(Calculi)Roga.CALCU-10 is a herbomineral compound formulated with ddep researches on every aspect of formation and removal of calculus..Dr Mittal has treated hundreds of kidney and ureteric caculi patients successfully since more than 10 years.Patients who were suggested surgery went home happily without undertaking surgery and relieved by his very own formulation.
Atharvan Ayurveda provides the best facility to treat anorectal (disorders /piles/ fistula/fissure) through ksharsutra therapy (Ayurvedic surgical procedure).An expert team of doctors and paramedical staff assures the patient to get best treatment for anorectal disorders. Female patients are looked after by lady attendents and given the utmost care. Dr.V.K. Mittal also has a good hand in the treatment of Depression, Sinusitis,rhinitis, gynecological disorders,skin disorders ,allergic conditions, very weak patients, Obesity, digestive disorders, infertility,bronchial and childhood asthama,sciatica,urinary disorders,hair treatment and so on through ayurvedic medications.