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Best ayurveda doctor for migraine in Udaipur

Atharvan Ayurveda is specially determined to overcome the problems faced by a migraine patient with the support of renowned Padmshree Vd Balendu Prakash ji. The treatment of migraine is based on clinical observations made by  Vaidya Balendu Prakash.He has used the principles of Ayurveda; and integrated them with his clinical expertise to develop a treatment protocol. The treatment Prakash offers has been validated and is well represented on international platforms.

In a recent study, Prakash reported clinical efficacy of his treatment in International Journal of Genuine Traditional Medicine. The outcome of the study is encouraging. We found patients showed significant improvement after completing 120 days of Ayurvedic treatment. All have resumed normally in their routine and have shown no side-effects. During the treatment all the patients were advised to follow an advised diet regimen and avoid beverages like tea, coffee, and aerated drinks, eat freshly cooked meals apart from the four herbo-mineral preparations as medicine.

The condition of recurring headaches may run in the family, may be related to stress or triggered by certain foods. Irregular eating, sleeping patterns, allergic reactions and weather are other migraine triggers. There are three different levels of migraine treatment – preventative treatment ,acute treatment and rescue treatment.. Atharvan Ayurveda is proudly associated with Vd Balendu Prakash in providing complete relief from migraine with the herbomineral preparations and medication protocol given by Vaidya ji.

Innovative Ayurvedic Treatment for Migraine

We have all experienced headaches at some point of our lives. While some sudden severe headaches can be fatal, some forms of headaches are recurrent and can last a lifetime. Among these, 90% headaches can be named as ‘Migraine’, which is the most common form of headache largely affecting urban population. Migraine is characterized by:
  1. Recurrent headaches occurring more than five times a year
  2. Lasting for 4-72 hours without medication
  3. Unilateral/bilateral location, generally pulsating in nature with moderate to severe intensity, aggravating by physical exertion
  4. Phonophobia, photophobia, nausea and/or vomiting during pain.
  5. Here, it is worth noting that there should not be any secondary cause of headache.

There is no known cause and cure for migraine in Allopath. Migraine has since long been headache for medical professionals and researchers themselves. The history of migraine is several decades old. Migraine treatment involves the use of analgesics, anti-epileptics, anti-depressants and sleep inducing drugs, curing only the symptoms while the cause remains intact. This leads to long term use of medication that gradually results in adverse effects on patient’s health.

Based on the basic Ayurvedic principles of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, there are 13 types of disorders pertaining to head. One of these types, named as ardhavbhedak meaning pain in half head. Considering its close resemblance to hemicrania, the treatment for ardhavbhedak is often given by Ayurvedic experts to treat migraine. However, there is no available data to prove the efficacy of such treatments.

Vaidya Balendu Prakash  diagnosed that a patient with migraine have pitta related issues. A co-relation was made between Sleshma Pitta & Migraine  and an Ayurvedic Treatment Protocol (ATP) was developed by Vaidya Balendu Prakash. It comprises of Aahar (diet), Vihaar (lifestyle), Aushadh (Ayurvedic formulations - AFs). This treatment showed sustainable results in the patient and many more patients subsequently.  A clinical study entitled “Randomized controlled clinical trial to evaluate prophylactic properties of Ayurvedic treatment protocol in refractory and chronic migraine patients” was conducted under Prof. Dr. Manjari Tripathi, Department of Neurology, AIIMS, New Delhi (April 2012 – May 2016). The project commenced on the 1st of April, 2012 after getting due approvals, including ethical clearance from authorities of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.

Blessed by Vaidya  Balendu ji,Atharvan Ayurveda becomes the first MIGRAINE CLINIC in rajasthan to provide total relief from Migraine,by following the treatment protocol given by Vaidya Balendu Prakash ji.